(Population size is limited and Saving is unavailable in Web DEMO)

Enjoy life with the little things

A game for PC and MAC,  By Brandon Gillespie

Little Things eating and multiplying. The life of a simple virtual-pet.


Care for the little things is a relaxing and strategic virtual-pet simulation where you care for fuzzy little creatures called Things. Harvest their luxurious fur and feed them while balancing your population and resources to grow your flock.

Before you know it you will have a field of Things and more fur and mouths to feed than you know what to do with!

Harvest fur and collect it to get berries.

Game features

  • Relax, play at your own paceGrow your flock as slow, or fast as you like. No need to stress about goals or needing to "finish" ( apart from keeping Things feed so they don't die).
  • Open ended- while there are goals and achievements to unlock, plenty of joy will be had watching the Things live and grow.


  • Hand: grab and move/throw fur bundles, berries and even poop!
  • Bucket: grab five resources at a time
  • Knife: remove Things from your flock
  • Scissors: harvest Thing's fur
    • tip: cut long enough for bundles to appear, then drag them into barn to get more berries.
  • Shaver: Auto cuts Thing's fur blazing fast!  Simply get near a Thing, no clicking required.
  • Berries: feed your Things so they grow and multiply
Scene navigation - Right click to move around your farm. Mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out.

Scene navigation to get a better view of things.

Thriving farm with lots of Things.

A perfect game to play while surfing the web or to unwind after a long day.

Thanks for playing! Please submit bugs or feature requests to cwisbg@gmail.com

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsdesktop-pet, Godot, Pixel Art, Relaxing, virtual-companions, Virtual Pet
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Love the game! Ever thought of adding more colors?

Thanks,  glad you enjoyed it!
It is on the list of things to add. Any particular colors you would like to see?

The basic colors really. Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Etc. 
Also, Patterns would be cool and a goal to work towards. Maybe their fur could be worth more?

THING farming is my new favorite hobby! If you make enough of them, you can chop them up and feed them their own meat!