Ship Instructions:

Click Red button on ship to open doors.

WASD to move - a/d rotate ship, w/s forward and back. left/right mouse strafing

Space bar - Boost

F - change flight mode:
WASD to move + left/right mouse to turn

G - activate/deactivate drone

1 - Change to Ship

2 - Change to Drone

0 - reset game

9 - quite game (windows only)

P - Display FPS counter (debugging)

Made withUnity


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The second flight mode seems the best to me. I also feel like the grabbing should be moved to the left MB (like hold down to keep closed letting go releases it) and strafing should be on Q and E. Great feeling game, though. I could see some cool ideas coming out of this. Like a 2D "Hardspace: Shipbreaker" game.

Cool, i pinned your "test" on watch list. Hope you make space-rpg-sim from it (=